22 March 2010


My Hands are my Heart, 1991
La DS., 1993

Pinched Ball, 1993
Four Bicycles (There Is Always One Direction), 1994
Ball on Water, 1994

Light Through Leaves, 1996

Black Kites, 1997
Fear Not, 2001

Cosmic Thing, 2002
Lotus Leaves, 2004

Dark Wave, 2006

Mobile Matrix, 2006


  1. i really love his work. especially his bicycle sculptures, duh. but the graphite on bone 'drawings'? i am envious of, wish i would have done it first. :)

  2. Yeah, no kidding- so ballsy to draw on skulls and whale bones. He interests me because he's so successful but doesn't really seem to have a cohesive body work. Yeah, he explores installation, but there isn't much of a thread between each piece in his oeuvre (for lack of a better word). I heard his MoMA show was really excellent but kind of discordant. Fascinating that he's gotten so much notoriety.

  3. Also, Eric- have you looked at Matthew Barney? I think you'd really like him.